About Izzy

Now living and avidly hiking in sunny Phoenix, Arizona, Izzy has finally found the courage to share her story. Each time she does, she hears the same response over and over and over again: “That happened to me too.” Or, “My sister was killed my her abusive husband,” or “My father used to beat my mother,” and other variations of the same hideous tale.

What Izzy discovered in her many conversations and her ongoing research into abuse, is that despite legislation designed to prevent domestic abuse and punish abusers, the problem is actually on the rise. Young girls and women, unlike boys and men, have far too few mentors; far too few women teaching them to be self-sufficient, proud and empowered. Young boys and men get far too many messages that domination rather than equality is the path to manhood.

SHAMEFUL is based on Izzy’s story, and the story of other women who shared their experiences with her. While it is a riveting novel, and a captivating, entertaining tale of tears, struggles, pain, and empowerment, Shameful’s mission is as well to help young girls and women recognize the signs of abuse, to escape their abusers, and to be their own heroes.

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